Senior Dental Insurance – Affordable Options For Seniors

Many of us who are retired, know how difficult it can be to find decent dental insurance plans that are affordable. Luckily, several large companies have begun to offer senior dental insurance policies for the individual or family. Below is a list of some of the most reputable and affordable plans so that you can compare them and decide which company to get quotes from.

1) Delta Dental Insurance. The Delta company is offering a senior dental insurance plan. They give senior citizens the freedom to choose whatever dentist they wish and offer both family and individual plan options. The rates are some of the best around since the organization that they teamed up with on this plan is a non profit organization that’s sole purpose is to make all areas of life better for senior citizens. They recognize that as of today, 40% of those over fifty years old are without dental insurance and their hope is to greatly reduce that number.

2) Avia Dental Plans. This is not an insurance plan for senior citizens, but it’s a discount plan. Pay a little now so that the cost of dental care will be greatly reduced when you need it. The great thing about Avia plans is that they make some of the most commonly needed dental procedures for senior citizens very cheap.

3) American Association of Retired Persons. This non profit company provides many services needed by retired people on fixed incomes. They are now offering senior citizen’s dental coverage that may not offer the most freedom as far as coverage, but is very good for most retirees needs.

4) Tricare Retiree Dental Program. The United States Federal Government put this plan together specifically for retirees of uniformed services. The great thing about this program is that dental coverage is not only made available to the retirees themselves, but members of their immediate and extended families as well.

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