Guardian Dental Insurance Helps You Save

There are tons of Guardian dental insurance programs out there that can rise to beat the competition when it comes to affordable rates for companies and their employees. Just as with any other purchase in life, it’s important to go behind the scenes and see what you’re really getting for your money. With Guardian dental insurance, it’s easy to see that you’re getting a great bargain on more than just your premium. Other dental insurance companies might have yearly caps or other costs that can cost you tons in hidden fees.

Deductibles can be tricky things. In a family program, for example, the program may have different deductible prerequisites for each person that must be met or the insurance company will pay nothing. After this goal is reached, the company will only pay for around half of the cost for certain procedures. Guardian dental insurance is different. The deductibles are typically much more affordable, and in most cases one deductible will cover every member of your family.

Add It All Up To See The Savings

One more thing that needs to be paid close attention is the yearly maximum your insurance program is willing to pay. Most insurance companies only offer $1,000 of coverage. After you take into consideration all of the premiums, co-payments, and deductibles, it’s easy to see why this amount doesn’t leave you or your family with very much breathing room. Guardian dental insurance plans have coverage options that allow up to $5,000 worth of work in a year.

Guardian Dental Insurance plans are operated through a network of qualified dental professionals. This allows Guardian dental insurance to negotiate lowered discounted prices for its members. While you may choose to visit a dentist outside of the network, the fees typically rise by about 60%. Visiting a dentist inside of the network allows you to make payments as low as 10% of the original cost.

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