Types of Dental Insurance For the Poor

A large number of people in today’s world face a very basic problem. These are problems that are concerned with their tooth. While it may be one small tooth, it can cost a person up to several hundred dollars if a particular problem is unattended. So the public generally insure their teeth in dental insurance companies so that when they meet up with some major or even a minor dental problem, they can always count on their insurers to help them out by providing them with monetary funds. But the process of claiming for money for the damage caused is not such an easy process.

The insured person has to pay the insurer with money at regular intervals and is known as premiums. This time period is usually a fixed one. This premium usually tends to be a nominal amount. But this normal amount does pose as a large amount for the poor people who mostly live their life on daily wages. Even if they save some amount of money, at the end of the month they fall shortage of this amount and hence are unable to pay their dues. Many people have either skipped those dues and left them as such or allowed them to elapse over time. This has lead to a huge downfall in the number of people who have a dental insurance.

There are different types of dental insurance plans. The Indemnity insurance plan and the Managed care dental insurance plans. The indemnity insurance plan is the most basic type of dental insurance plan where the insurance company pays a large sum of the money for your expenses. While in some cases they may reimburse the entire payment, for the others the amount paid by the insurance company may vary from 50 to 80 percent. The rest of the payment has to be paid by the insurer. The indemnity insurance plan is further divided into Usual, Customary, and Reasonable insurance plan (UCR) and Table of allowances insurance plan

The Managed dental insurance plan is the plan which is very economical and perfect dental insurance for poor. This plan is subdivided into Dental Health Medical Organization (DHMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and the Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO). These three sub divisions are similar to the ones available in a health insurance. The first one DHMO provides a person with a personal doctor and all your medical requirements and payments are done through him. The PPO is a plan in which the insurer gets to choose the doctor but has to pay a lot more from his pocket. The last one EPO is a combination of both DHMO and PPO. It is both cheap and allows the insurer with lot of options.

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