Is Dental Insurance an Expense One Should Live Without?

The Cost of living has significantly rose as compared to many years ago. House-hold items, food and consumables, entertainment and educational fees are getting more and more expensive. Same goes for the premium on Insurance policy, which deemed as a necessity in today’s world.

Government and local authorizes have launched a lot of campaigns to promote the awareness on the dental health awareness among the society. This is in line with the Nation’s vision of year 2020 which is to improve the standard of living for its nation by then. One of the way to improve the standard of living is to improve the health and quality of the nation is to

Private hospitals and dental clinics are urged to lower their charges for dental treatments while Insurance companies are encouraged to provide special discounts and offers on their Insurance policy to allow those who can’t afford for dental insurance to be able to get an affordable dental policy for themselves now. This will help to improve the general well-being of the nation especially those lower income group to enjoy the benefits of medication and treatments which they are deserved for.

Ministry of Health has also shown their support by providing dental subsidy to poor families especially those who are earning less than RM1500 per month with more than two children. This not only helps to reduce their burden but at the same time, help to promote the awareness of oral health among the poor.

There are many other things which we can do without, but not Insurance. Everyone should try to get at least a basic dental insurance plan for himself to mitigate any potential risk of getting reduce unnecessary expenses and save up for the Insurance. Dental Insurance is very important because it is the only way for us to get appropriate dental treatments and coverage on. Without the appropriate dental insurance coverage, it is very difficult for us to enjoy the benefits and protection that your dental health demand for. So try to get yourself a dental coverage today, you will be glad that you do when the time comes.

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